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SWES Steelworks Equipment and Services

SWES, your independent specialist and partner for economical cutting. Our employees have years of experience in cutting and welding technology. Our partner companies and suppliers are experts in their field.

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SWES Steelworks Equipment and Services GmbH offers cutting technology for continuous casting, inline/offline and the scrap area.
All common types of steel can be cut to size using machine, hand and/or mobile cutting devices.
The cut is top priority in terms of quality, efficiency and sustainability.
Our precision-manufactured cutting torches, cutting nozzles and other accessories fit all flame-cutting machines from renowned German and European manufacturers and enable our customers to achieve the desired result even when rapidly extracting steel in continuous casting.
With our on-site or off-site repair/ overhaul service, we complete our range of services and thus contribute to value added and the greatest benefit through our products and services. We are SWES, your independent partner. 

Torch cutting - scarfing - deburring - repair service - machine reconditioning - maintenance - spare parts sale



SWES employees have years of experience in cutting and welding technology.



We guarantee a smooth changeover and use of our products.


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We manufacture in Germany and our partners in Europe. In series and individually.


Trust in our experience in cutting steel.
Saving energy and resources is more important today than ever before.
Dieses Leitbild hat sich SWES zum Ziel gemacht.


cutting nozzles made in Germany

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